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504 South Ann St.
(@ Eastern Ave)
Fells Point, MD

Open Tues thru Sat
Cocktails 5pm "til close
Dinner Served Each Night
from 6pm 'til 11pm

Outside Seating 1st Come – 1st Serve


Wed May 27th thru Sat May 30th

Window To Go Go Menu! Pickup 3pm until 7pm, last order taken at 6:30pm.

You will receive a confirmation on screen and via email. If you do not get one email us at

Please give us at least 1/2 hour to fill your order.

Trout Pate with Baguette. Pate is Gluten Free!

Pea Guacamole with Chips, Gluten Free!

Boursin Wheel with Bag of Italian Crisps

Asparagus and Strawberry Burratta with Ramp Vinaigrette

French Cheese and Jambon - Camembert, Petit Basque, Roquefort, Jambon and Jam served with Baguette. Satisfies 2-4.

Traditional Caesar Salad

Celery Salad with Gorgonzola and Walnuts. Gluten Free!

Our Hearty Garlic Bread

Cheesy Grits. Gluten Free!

Lobster Roll with Maryland Cucumber Salad

Beef Broth with Carmelized Onions and Gruyere Crostini. Broth is Gluten Free!

Lamb Chop with Cherry Bordelaise and Whipped Potatoes

Braised Borlotti Beans with Duck, Sage and Porcinis. Gluten Free!

4oz Chocolate Pot du Creme. Gluten Free!

White Chocolate, Local Strawberry-Rhubarb Brioche Bread Pudding

Lemon Bars

Grayson Pinot Noir, Central, CA

Lemelson Pinot Gris, Willamette, OR

Cucumber Mint and Watermelon Basil Sodas, Great with Titos Vodka

Maranto Italian Loaf, Our House Bread To Go.

Tribeca Baguette Take and Bake

16oz Instant Yeast

1 Kilo/2.2 lb Farina 00 Super Fine Flour

Pecorino-Romano Wedge, the Good Stuff

1lb Cabot Creamery Unsalted Butter

Buffalo Milk Butter

Buds Blend Coffee - Ground, a Robust Blend Made for Peters Inn, Sold by the Pound

Chai Concentrate, Minor Figures Brand, 1 Litre

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tavolo Viva Brand, 1 Litre

Balsamic Vinegar, Antica Italia Brand, 250 ml

Miguel & Valentino Cava White Vinegar, 375 ml

Ramp Vinegar, Lindera Farm, VA, 200ml

13oz NY Strip, Black Angus, Raw and Ready for Seasoning. Great on the Grill.

4 oz Petite Filet, Raw and Ready for Seasoning. Great on the Grill.

Raw New Jersey Sea Scallop, 10 U

Toilet Tissue - TP, Green Heritage 2 ply, Individually Wrapped


Be Well and Feel Well. Much Gratitude!


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